The Only Japanese Butcher in Toronto

We are happy to sell Japanese cuts in addition
to traditional North American cuts of meat.
Prepared and cooked foods are also available!



Our Philosophy  

Are you conscious about what you and your family eat?
What animals are being fed and in what conditions they are raised?
How long and how the meat aged?
Where the animals are raised?
What Breed, and how many months or years to be fabricated?

We are happy to answer these questions as most our products are directly from local farms where we work very closely with and continuously communicate every occasion. Our goal is to provide you with best possible meat products, traditionally raised in local farms as possible. Because we believe we all deserve to have quality good meats on our table. We believe that to produce quality meat, animals have to be raised in a healthy environment and with a lot of care, the best products aged properly, store properly.


What is Famu?specials-on-BB

The name FãMu is the Japanese pronunciation of the word ‘Farm’. And the name says it all. It starts with finding small, local farms that practice traditional raising methods. FãMu animals are pasture or free-run raised on mainly small farms in Ontario, and without chemicals, antibiotics, hormones or animal bi-products. We understand that it is a more labour and time intensive way to raise animals, but it creates tastier and healthier meats.


Working with local farms and producers  

Because of the natural growth cycle we sometimes have limited supplies and certain meats are available only periodically. We believe that’s the way meat should be consumed when animals are raised naturally, and when we consume whole animals.


You and your family deserve to enjoy Quality, not necessary quantity  

Consuming food is a fundamental behaviour for our lives and essential for our daily routine. We are not sure when we start feeding ourselves unnecessary quantities of junk food and processed food, but we think many of us have realised we want to get back to good wholesome sources. Quality of food, not necessary quantity of food, makes people happy and healthy. I believe everyone, you, your family members and your friends deserve to have the best quality food possible.


The best among the best  

We want to offer not just healthy meat, and also “tasty” meat. This vision eventually led us to carry more specified meats such as “Mennonite Roster”, “Berkshire Iron”, “Angus Beef”, and “Wagyu”, which commonly recognized as Kobe Beef in North America. Rosters are hand cut, Angus loins and ribs are dry aged to maximize their tenderness and flavor. Chops and steaks are freshly sliced or cut according to your specification in front of you. Stew meat and roast meats are also prepared as you like when you order at our counter! Grind meats are prepared in store everyday.


We custom cut because we understand your needs  

As we are only the Japanese Butcher in Toronto, we understand that depending on the dish you prepare, and depending on where you from, there are different cut needs. We are happy to custom cut as you request for your perfection of cooking so you do not have to compromise thickness of your steak or shabu shabu meat (thinly sliced meat for a Japanese dish). Off course, we custom cut not only for Japanese cooking, but all kinds of cooking, so please talk to us. We are always excited to hear what you cook.


Unit 8, 3160 Steeles Ave. E.,
Markham, Ontario L3R 4G9

(905) 475-5005

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 7pm
Sunday 11am - 6pm
Mondays CLOSED


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