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We are happy to sell Japanese cuts in addition
to traditional North American cuts of meat.
Prepared and cooked foods are also available!


We decided to bring Lamb into the store this summer. Fresh Ontario Pasture (grass-fed) Lamb – Chemical Free, off course. To be honest with you, I had never butchered a whole Lamb, so I was so excited to have one to try the first lamb butchered by myself. Whatever you butcher, beef, pork, and lamb, basic structure is almost identical, just divide into different muscles, and trim. My first lamb looked so tiny, and it was easy to cut into different muscles. Maybe "Cute" was not exactly right word to describe it, but, that was what I said when I first saw it.

This is the first rack of lamb that I butchered, so I had to have it by myself!


It was very smooth, and tasted sweet. White wine and balsamic reduction was perfectly matched with this roast. If you think you do not like lamb because of distingish flavor, try Ontario Lamb which has milder flavor. You may became a big fan of Lamb!

All prime cuts (Lacks and Loin chops) of our second lamb were reserved by our regular customers, and all gone, but not the other cuts like legs, shank and belly etc… SO, I decided make Lamb Curry. It is not Japanese curry, but more like British Style (how Do I describe it….not too spicy, very light, very summer like.) We had it for supper in a hot day, and I thought that it was perfect for summer days. This curry is available as frozen at Famu. So please try it when you do not want to cook…..


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