The Only Japanese Butcher in Toronto

We are happy to sell Japanese cuts in addition
to traditional North American cuts of meat.
Prepared and cooked foods are also available!


This is a pot can be used for three generations.


I boil pasta, steam vegetable, make sauce, make soup, and braise beef in this pot. This Dutch oven is the best pot I ever have, and I cannot imagine having my kitchen without this pot! Pors: easy to clean, cooks anything really well, last forever, (off course)oven proof. Cons: heavy, little pricy (but well worth it!)

I got this pot at $100 by luck. Since then, I have been searching the second luck, because I really want to have a larger version so that I can braise may be not a whole, but at least a half beef brisket.



I love this container with red rid, and more than that, love these series of jams with cold butter on a good French bread. I also love any of these with good blue or hard cheese.

This is not exactly JAM we find in North America, but more like preserved fruits. You can “almost” enjoy itself as a desert. I just finished my favorite “Cherry”, which explains it missing from the photo. ;-) …………….seiko


Olive oil was not particularly special before I spent a week in a small farmhouse in Umbria, Italy in 2007, but now, I am very much in love with this magical fruity liquid. Good fresh olive oil has amazing aroma and pleasant taste. I pour over, vegetables, pasta, bread, risotto and more…I do not buy salad dressing, but make it every time I have salad, and good extra virgin olive oil and good honey are my basic ingredients! …Seiko


Unit 8, 3160 Steeles Ave. E.,
Markham, Ontario L3R 4G9

(905) 475-5005

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 7pm
Sunday 11am - 6pm
Mondays CLOSED


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