Wagyu Beef

Wagyu is like Champagne of Sparkling wine. Wagyu from Japan is the finest beef in the world. We import Wagyu from different prefectures in Japan. The finest Wagyu beef form all over the world including Wagyu from Japan, Australian and US. .Range of grades= is A4- A5 for Japanese, and 9+ for Australian And *+ for US. Kobe beef, Miyazaki Gyu which has been wining 1st place at Japanese wagyu competiton for two consective years, Hokkaido Wagyu where cattle enjoys roaming freely in big land.

  • For customers who prefer leaner Wagyu, we also carry only top grade of Wagyu from Australia and the US.


Prime grade Ontario Ribs and some Wagyu beef are dry aged in house, available at our retail shop. Patient dry ageing results tender and more flavorful meat to your plate. Naturally raised Angus from Paradise farm and Island beef from PEI, as well as USDA prime are available.

  • Available in premium cuts and leaner cuts for slow cooking, roasting and braising
  • Custom cuts and thinly sliced meats are also available
  • We custom dry age our meat for your special occasion or your cottage stay


The Pure breed of BERKSHIRE pork both from local farms and Cooperative RED TOP farms from US are available. Enjoy True taste of pork of chemical free humain certified Berkshire pork.

  • For your purchase of a whole or half pig/wild boar, vacuum sealing, smoking, and for making sausage


Free run, flex seed mixed feed, raised in a Mennonite community. Taste real chicken taste! Turkey, Duck and Goose are available for holiday season by order.

  • Available in as whole, half, and each parts. Custom cuts available.

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