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WWagyu as a word is composed of two characters which are “Wa” means Japan and Gyu means Beef. 90% of wagyu produced in Japan is Japanese Black cattle among 4 kinds of breed of wagyu because of its intense marbling, superior tenderness and rich flavor. In Japan, “WAGYU” must be pure breed or crossbreeding among 4 kinds, born and raised in Japan. Furthermore, all “WAGYU” is traceable up to 3 generations. The fine, delicate meat of authentic “WAGYU” has a high degree of fat marbling that melts at low temperatures, silky texture in your month, and refined sweetness and aroma.

Kobe - A5

  • Japanese Black Cattle, Only bullocks or virgin of pure blood line of TAJIMA beef
  • BMS (Beef Marbling Standard) of 6 or higher
  • A yield score of A or B
  • Minimum age of 28 months, an average age of 32 months
  • A gross carcass weight of 470 kg or less
  • Fine meat Texture and excellent firmness
  • Born, raised and processed in Hyogo Prefecture
  • Exclusive products for qualified importers, distributors, whole sellers, retailers and restaurants.
  • Famu Inc. is a qualified importer of KOBE beef

Kuromame Nagi - A5

  • Japanese Black Cattle, limited production of 3000 heads by only 5 certified small family farmers raising in Nagi area in Okayama prefecture
  • Fed with locally produced Hey and Japanese black beans(Kuromame)
  • One of oldest wagyu blood line started as working cattle 170 years back to EDO period.
  • Kuromame, Japanese black beans enhances UMAMI and marbling maturity of meats.
  • Famous for Beefy taste of red meat with fine marbling

Furano – A5

  • Japanese Black Cattle, produced in a single farm in Furano, Hokkaido
  • Unique breeding technique, surrogated by Holstein daily cattle within the farm 
  • Fed with corn harvested in the same farm, hay, rice straw, wheat straw and beet pulp, strictly without additive
  • Has red color meat rather than pink
  • Selected and served at G8 Toyako summit in 2008

Miyazaki (Miyazakigyu)– A5

  • Japanese Black Cattle, Born, raised and processed in Miyazaki
  • Grade 4 or above only
  • Cattle must be over the age of 48 months to be optimize its flavor and ideal marbling
  • Had been wining the first place at Japanese Domestic wagyu competition
  • Well distributed fine marbling, beautiful pink color of meat.
  • Tastes sweet and rich, and silky texture.
  • Famu inc. carries Miyazaki Wagyu at BMS 10 and up vs. A5 contains MBS 8 – 12. Famu Inc. is the only one certified importer and distributor of Miyazakigyu in Canada.

Kumamoto (Wao) – A5

  • Japanese Black Cattle, raised and processed in Kumamoto
  • Tend to be small, so is dimension of each cut as older than 28 months, which scored BMS 6 and up can be qualified as “WAO”.
  • “WAO” has beautiful pale pink color with well balanced fine marbling. 
  • Fed fed with specially designed feeding mix including pure water, corn, barley, soya beans, wheat bran and mineral.
  • Famu Inc. only carries “WAO” ranked BMS 7 – 12

Hokkaido (Tokachi) – A5

  • Japanese Black Cattle, third generation of Tajima blood line
  • Produced by a single farm, DAIMARU farm located in Hokkaido
  • Age of 20 months or older
  • With hey harvested by themselves, and natural water surrounded by the Hidaka mountains. 
  • Absolutely no added hormone used
  • Light fat flavor melting at low temperature

Various Regions of Japan - A4

  • Variety of Japanese region offers their own brand of wagyu
  • MBS 5-7 provides moderate marbling and excellent wagyu teste