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WThe word "WAGYU" consists of two characters, "WA" meaning Japan and "GYU" meaning beef or cattle. In Japan, "WAGYU" must be pure bred or cross bred among 4 kinds, born, and raised in Japan. Furthermore, all "WAGYU" is traceable up to 3 generations. The fine, delicate meat of authentic Wagyu has a high degree of fat marbling that melts at a low temperature, silky texture in your mouth, a refined sweetness and aroma.

Kobe - A5

  • "Japanese Black Cattle" that inherits the pure bloodline of "Tajima Cattle"
  • BMS must be 6 or above
  • Exquisite tenderness and rich flavor
  • A yield score must be A or B
  • A gross carcass weight must be 470 kg or less
  • Born, raised, and processed in certified farms in Hyogo prefecture
  • Must be a qualified importer/distributor for selling Kobe beef (Famu is proudly qualified)

Kuromame Nagi - A5

  • "Japanese Black Cattle" with limited production of 3,000 heads produced by only 5 certified farms in Nagi region in Okayama prefecture
  • Fed with locally produced "Kuromame (Japanese black bean that enhances Umami and marbling of the meat)" and hay
  • One of the oldest wagyu bloodlines that exists today which originates from working cattle back in the Edo period from 170 years ago
  • Taste can be pleasantly beefy yet melts in your mouth from the marbling at the same time

Furano – A5

  • "Japanese Black Cattle" produced in a single farm in Furano, Hokkaido
  • Unique breeding technique, surrogate by Holstein dairy cattle in the farm
  • Fed with corn carefully harvested in the same farm, hay, rice straws, wheat straws and -beet pulp, strictly without additive
  • Meat color tends to be red
  • Selected and served at G8 Toyako Summit in 2008

Miyazaki (Miyazakigyu)– A5

  • "Japanese Black Cattle" born, raised, and processed in Miyazaki
  • A4 or above only
  • The only brand crowned as the champion in the Japanese Wagyu Olympic for 3 consecutive times (2007, 2012 and 2017)
  • Well distributed fine marbling, beautiful pink color of meat
  • Tastes sweet and rich, has silky texture
  • Famu carries Miyazaki Wagyu at BMS (Beef Marbling Standard) 10 and above (going above the A5 BMS score requirement of 8)
  • Famu is the one and only certified importer/distributor of Miyazaki Wagyu in Canada

Kumamoto (Wao) – A5

  • "Japanese Black Cattle" raised and processed in Kumamoto
  • Cattle must be over the age of 28 months
  • BMS must be 6 or above to be certified as "Kumamoto Wao"
  • Fed with uniquely designed feeding mix which includes pure water, corn, barley, soybeans, wheat bran and minerals
  • Famu carries "Kumamoto Wao" that has BMS score of 7 and above only

Awaji Virgin -A5

  • Japanese Black Cattlev
  • Raised on Awaji Island located in SETOUCHI (The Japanese Mediterranean). 
  • Produced by a single farm-selected superior blood
  • Smooth and fine texture provide exclusive moment
  • Delicate and fat flavor melting at low temperature

Various Regions of Japan - A4

  • Famu carries a variety of Japanese regional wagyu brands ranked as A4 (BMS 5-7)
  • BMS 5-7 wagyu can provide moderate marbling and excellent meat taste