Celebrate Canada Day with Delicate Wagyu BBQ Ideas

What is Canada Day?

Canada Day, celebrated on July 1, is like Canada's birthday party! On this day in 1867, three separate colonies—Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick—came together to form a single country within the British Empire. So, if Canada were to have a birthday cake, it would be loaded with a lot of candles to celebrate all the years since its founding.

How to Celebrate Canada Day

On Canada Day, Canadians love to relax with a cool drink and enjoy the early summer weather. Instead of birthday cake, the celebration features delicious meats and burgers cooked on the barbecue. BBQ food is perfect for enjoying Canadian cuisine, and summer is the ideal time to fire up the grill. Even more, including wagyu as part of the main dish will elevate BBQ experience as you enjoy the long weekend.

Wagyu : Special Treat for every Special Moment

Wagyu is perfect for steak and meat enthusiasts who want to taste some of the world's most delicious (and expensive) beef. What makes Wagyu special is its unique genetics and how the cattle are raised. This gives Wagyu its fine, marbled fat, making it juicy, tender, and full of umami flavor. For a deeper appreciation of Wagyu, you can also learn "Why Kobe Wagyu Beef Stands Out and How to Verify Its Authenticity " to better understand its value., to understand more how to value a wagyu.


Must Have Wagyu BBQ List for Canada Day

  1. Burger 

Burgers are often a go-to choice when firing up the grill. You can always make them fancy by adding 100% pure A5 Miyazaki Burger, which is so tender it will melt in your mouth. Grab special price for 3x A5 Miyazaki Burger at Famu. For a beefier patty, try a Mix Wagyu and Angus Burger, combining the best qualities of both cattle. If you're in the mood for something lighter, try our Japanese-inspired original FAMU Burgers made with local Angus beef and pork bacon, with a hint of Japanese-style soy sauce. Alternatively, opt for a local Ontario Grass-fed Burger made from brisket and shoulder cuts only. Be sure to keep extra on hand, because the family will definitely want seconds.

  1. Steak

You don’t need a Tomahawk or Hammer steak to make your Canada Day celebration special. A simple, yet exquisite Wagyu steak can do the trick, and here's how to enjoy it. For BBQ grilling, thicker cuts are ideal—aim for at least 1-inch thickness. When it comes to Wagyu, you have several options, including US Wagyu, Australian Wagyu, or the top-tier Japanese A5 Wagyu. Understanding the summer grilling needs, Famu offers the perfect solution with the Canada Special Steak Set. This set includes: 500g Prime Rib-eye (1.5 inches thick), 300g US Wagyu Striploin (1 inch thick), 350g A5 Japanese Wagyu. These premium cuts will ensure your BBQ is a hit, providing a variety of textures and flavors to delight your guests.

  1. Sausage and Hot Dog

These premium sausages will ensure your BBQ is a hit, offering a variety of flavors and textures to delight your guests. Enjoy the juicy, flavorful bite that only gourmet sausages can deliver. This Canada Day, elevate your BBQ with Famu’s expertly curated sausage set.  For Wagyu selections, Famu offers both US Wagyu sausage and Australian Wagyu sausage. If you prefer pork, try the Berkshire Pork Garlic Sausage or the Berkshire Pork Maple Sausage. Lucky enough, Famu also provides Sausage and Burger sets, which includes US Wagyu Sausage, two Mix Angus & Wagyu, and one A5 Miyazaki Burger. These high-quality options will add a special touch to your celebration, making it truly memorable for everyone.

  1. Smoked Brisket

With warm summer coming, it is always a good idea to try something new like smoking your own brisket, even more you try A5 Japanese Brisket. Having the fat trimmed, Famu’s A5 Miyazaki Brisket is ready by 3 days pre-order. The standard procedures is going to be smoking at 165 celcius inside the meat for 6 hours, then wrapping it with butcher’s paper, and keep on heating until reach 195 celcius for 3 hours. Do not forget to put the meat on rest for at least 1 hour. Then, you will have a great brisket that is tender, juicy, and brag-worthy!

Canada Day is a time to relax, enjoy great food, and celebrate with loved ones. Firing up the barbecue and indulging in some classic Canadian dishes is the perfect way to mark the occasion. So gather your family and friends, prepare your favorite BBQ recipes, and enjoy the fireworks as you celebrate the nation’s birthday.