A5 100% Miyazaki Wagyu Ground (*Advance order only)
A5 100% Miyazaki Wagyu Ground (*Advance order only)

A5 100% Miyazaki Wagyu Ground (*Advance order only)

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The word "WAGYU" consists of two characters, "WA" meaning Japan and "GYU" meaning beef or cattle. In Japan, "WAGYU" must be pure bred or cross bred among 4 kinds, born, and raised in Japan. Furthermore, all "WAGYU" is traceable up to 3 generations. 

Wagyu epitomizes the pinnacle of beef quality, originating from Japan and renowned for its unmatched taste and excellence. It symbolizes a culinary tradition deeply ingrained in precise breeding and feeding methods, yielding a culinary experience unparalleled by any other. At the heart of Wagyu's distinction is its captivating marbling, where fine veins of fat intricately weave through the muscle, resulting in a tender, buttery texture. The meat's luxurious tenderness underscores the meticulous care invested in every stage of its cultivation.

Facts on Famu's A5 Japanese Wagyu Miyazaki  :

  • Famu is the one and only certified importer/distributor of Miyazaki Wagyu in Canada
  • Famu carries Miyazaki Wagyu at BMS (Beef Marbling Standard) 10 and above (going above the A5 BMS score requirement of 8)
  • "Japanese Black Cattle" born, raised, and processed in Miyazaki
  • The only brand crowned as the champion in the Japanese Wagyu Olympic for 3 consecutive times (2007, 2012 and 2017)
  • Famu uses Shoulder cuts for wagyu beef ground
  • Tastes sweet and rich, has silky texture