A5 Japanese Furano Wagyu Ribeye steak

A5 Japanese Furano Wagyu Ribeye steak

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The word "WAGYU" consists of two characters, "WA" meaning Japan and "GYU" meaning beef or cattle. In Japan, "WAGYU" must be pure bred or cross bred among 4 kinds, born, and raised in Japan. Furthermore, all "WAGYU" is traceable up to 3 generations. 

Wagyu epitomizes the pinnacle of beef quality, originating from Japan and renowned for its unmatched taste and excellence. It symbolizes a culinary tradition deeply ingrained in precise breeding and feeding methods, yielding a culinary experience unparalleled by any other. At the heart of Wagyu's distinction is its captivating marbling, where fine veins of fat intricately weave through the muscle, resulting in a tender, buttery texture. The meat's luxurious tenderness underscores the meticulous care invested in every stage of its cultivation.

Facts on Famu's A5 Japanese Wagyu Furano Rib-eye Steak :

  • Famu is the one and only certified importer/distributor of Furano Wagyu in Canada
  • Famu carries Furano Wagyu at BMS (Beef Marbling Standard) 10 and above (going above the A5 BMS score requirement of 8)
  • Only Female virgin "Japanese Black Cattle" born, raised, and processed in Furano, located in Hokkaido. Hokkaido island is famous for its nature
  • Unique breeding technique, surrogate by Holstein dairy cattle in the farm
  • Fed with corn carefully harvested in the same farm, hay, rice straws, wheat straws and -beet pulp, strictly without additive
  • Well distributed fine marbling, beautiful Red color of meat
  • Tastes Beefy and fine texture.

The thickness and approximate weight:

1/2 inch  350g (12 oz) / 3/4 inch 500g (18 oz).

*Thickness may be skittles adjusted depending on the dimension of meat 

Enhance Your Meal with:

While Wagyu beef typically shines as the star of the show with minimal seasoning, complementing it with thoughtfully chosen accompaniments can elevate your dining experience to new heights. Delight in the extraordinary flavors and textures of this high-quality meat as you experiment with delightful flavor combinations.

Here are some of our preferred pairings:

  1. Ao Yuzu Kosho 
  2. Premium Salt (MOSHIO) from Awaji Island
  3. Famu's Original Sauce Ponzu

Our Recommended Method for A5 Wagyu Steaks :

We believe in simplicity when it comes to cooking A5 wagyu and suggest you follow suit. Begin by seasoning your A5 Japanese wagyu steak with salt and freshly cracked pepper before searing it in a hot pan for approximately 1-2 minutes on each side. The goal is to achieve a delicious, flavorful outer crust while allowing the natural taste of this exquisite beef to shine through.

How Famu's steak ships :

Our freshly cut A5 Japanese wagyu steak is promptly vacuum-sealed to maintain its peak freshness. It's then swiftly delivered to your doorstep via our delivery partner within 12-24 hours of your order placement.